A Composite Cover

David Drummond designs book covers and, oh yeah, he has a blog. He’ll usually add some comments about the design and maybe even one or two alternatives that didn’t make the cut. In my mind, this is almost like a type of goal oriented art. Which is what I suppose alot of advertising and illustration is as well.

Well, anyway, I was looking through a couple recent entries using his site’s feed, and one of them I thought was just plain cool in that he created it on the cheap using different images from Shutterstock. I quickly hopped over here to link to it when I noticed that the link doesn’t actually work. I’m looking at his post in Google Reader, but when I follow the link to his blogspot account, that page is gone. I’m not sure what that means exactly. Maybe there was some mixup or he decided to delete it. Thankfully it was already pulled down via the various feed readers out there, so I’ve uploaded them here. Check out the brilliant work of David Drummond below.

Four inputs:

Final Output:
book cover

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